Priestess + Deer clothes are made by hand on Salt Spring Island, B.C. in a beautiful little studio with huge south facing windows. Imagine a priestess at work, surrounded by trees of a rich rainforest providing an inspirational life for all those around including persons, plants and many deer to roam wild.

The journey of Priestess + Deer is heavily steeped in a magical journey of creation, evolution, dream and desire. The clothes have been danced into reality by way of listening to something greater that has been calling our Empress home. The vision of Priestess + Deer goes far beyond clothing. Keep in touch by subscribing to our newsletter to stay tuned in with the Priestess + Deer community.

As the old folklore goes…… the deer leads the priestess back into the forest to practice her craft.

I am proud to be a part of the REVOLUTION bringing us back to the CRAFT MOVEMENT.

As a dedicated artisan who is passionate about practices that support a flourishing Earth, I use natural fibres so that your body can breathe. Everything is made by hand, at home – a healthy challenge to do. My hand dyed shibori makes each piece unique. My clothing is made to feel good, to look great and to last a long time. It is my DREAM to make you fine clothing for your ease and expression. In fact, I want you to feel totally taken care of in our garments.



There is no limitation to the age bracket I design for. My greatest compliment time and time again is that my designs look good on everybody and every body! I am passionate about making clothes that enhance a woman’s beauty. A big part of that is making sure she is comfortable in her clothing. 

 { the fabric }

I choose the best Earth friendly fabrics that I can to support my vision. It is truly not easy to find a wholy environentally friendly fabric these days. However, my passion lies in using natural fibres. Natural fibres allow the body to breathe, to gain energy and to regulate tempurature more easily. 

 { the garments }

I’m inspired by that perfect mix of flow and shape. Design features you will come across are full flowing dresses, deep hoods, great textures and perfect ponchos. My pieces are easy to wear and will go anywhere with you. They are amazing for travel, sunshine, yoga, lazing about, work days and wild nights. 

 { the dyeing }

I am known for my hand dyed fabrics. I practice a style called shibori. Shibori is the Japanese word for a variety of ways of embellishing textiles by shaping cloth and securing it before dyeing. I love this dying process as each piece of clothing is unique to the next and so holds a story of its own, just as every woman does. 

%22Goodbye Lululemon— hello Priestess + Deer!%22

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