Moon Juice Jumpsuit

Size Guide

Moon Juice Jumpsuit - XS / Black - lighter weight Item will be made to order and will be shipped within 2 weeks time.

***Please check size chart before placing your order. Our sizing is very different from mainstream stores. Yes, truly!***

If you love a loose and lovely garment, this is for you! And yes, it hs pockets! Sorry we didn't get more pics of the loose fit on different body types. We wanted to show how it looks with a belt as well. The incredible volume of the legs make this piece so beautiful in flow and in shape. 

One side has a higher neckline while the other has a bit lower of a neckline. Feel free to wear either saide forward. I have designed it so you can decide what is best for you!

To see this jumper in a more fittes style Click Here

Fabric: Bamboo, cotton, spandex

Fit: True to size... very loose. 

Wash: Wash Cold. Hang to dry. This garment will shrink a bit if you put it in a warm wash or the dryer.