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Priestess and Deer

Deer Run Dress -50% OFF

$82.00 $165.00

An amazing dress for moving around with ease as your legs are free! Yes, the slits come up about mid thigh. It's a gorgeous accent with bare legs or contrasting tights. Don't worry! The slits are only high enough to show your legs, nothing else! 
Fabric: Bamboo/Organic Cotton/Spandex or Modal
Fitting - This dress is designed to be a loose fit. Please consider going down a size if you would like a tighter look. The fabric is stretchy and will allow for that without any problems. 
Fabrics - Sky Blue - Modal/Spandex
                Russet Red - Bamboo /Organic Cotton/Spandex
                Navy/Terra - Bamboo /Organic Cotton/Spandex

Washing - Wash cold. Hang or lay flat to dry. 

FAQ - The slits are stable at the top. They wont rip.

No, you can't see anything other than legs! 

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