Medicine Poncho - Boiled wool

$208.00 $249.00
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Best poncho ever!  This piece is great all year round. Looks great over a shirt, dress or even a jacket during colder months. The deep hood lined. If you would like it in made in any of the other wools, please send an email and we can most likely make it happen!

I also have some hooded boiled wool ponchos that are fully lined with bamboo jersey

 and a hood. Click Here

Sorry we did not get a lot of photos of this. You can look at other ponchos to see more about how they fit as they are all  the same size and cut, just different fabrics. 

Fitting: There is only one size and it fits everyone - tried and tested! There are two length options. Full length or Mid length. This is long. 

Fabric: Boiled Wool.  

Washing: Hand wash cold delicate. Lay flat to dry. These pieces will last a lifetime.