4 Winds Dress - Shibori

Size Guide
4 Winds Dress in Shibori - It's called the 4 Winds Dress as it has incredible movement and air flow. This dress is made to fit loosely however your shape will not be lost. The bust of the dress is fitted to the top of the waist from where it begins to flow out. The slits up the side are really elegant and are great for showing your bare legs or a pair of great leggings. All of these dresses are hand dyed, one at a time. For that reason, no two dresses will be the same. Please allow of variations in patterns.  Also available in solid colours.

Fit: The dress length will land approximately mid shin. Please keep in mind that the dress gets shorter as the sizes go down. 
If you would like a more fitted look, please consider going down in a size. The stretch fabric allows for that.

Fabric: Bamboo/Organic Cotton/Spandex 

Wash: Wash cold. Hang or lay flat to dry. 

FAQ: Some of the dresses look shorter on different models? As the sizes change, the length of the dress changes accordingly. As you go down in size, the dress gets shorter and vice versa. Remember that some of the models are very tall and petite.... the dresses look quite short on them. 

Your dress will not look exactly like the photo because each dress is hand dyed. This means you have a truly one of a kind piece!