Beltane Dress - Short

Size Guide
Beltane - Short: Every piece is hand dyed at home so each will tell its own story and has variance to the next. A full skirt with a tight fitting top. Super comfortable and flowing. The bust area is double lined giving you support without having to wear a bra...if that's your preference. Don't leave the house without wearing a bra? A lot of women ask how to do that with this piece. What I like to do is find a bra with attractive complimenting or contrasting straps. Let your straps show and add some colour to your outfit. Strapless bras are also wonderful if you are not a strappy type. The straps can be open or crossed at the front. 
Fit: This piece is akin to an A-line fit with the full skirt. The tight bodice stops at the upper waist with a seam to the skirt. Some people get this confused with the Shell Woman Dress. Please see below.
FAQ: What is the difference between the Beltane and the Shell Woman? The Beltane is akin to an A-line fit with a full skirt that comes to just above the knee. It is cut in two pieces with a seam at the upper waist. The Shell Woman Dress is one piece, more narrow in fit. They do have the same fit around the bust. Click here for Shell Woman - Short
Fabric: Bamboo/Organic Cotton/Spandex
Wash: Wash cold. Hang or lay flat to dry. 
Please know that each piece is hand dyed and will have variances in pattern. No two pieces will be the same.