Cailleach Jacket

Size Guide

Such a mystical piece with the over sized hood, pockets for gathering treasures, and a wrap around feeling for protection. A friend came into my shop recently and started telling me stories of Cailleach. When I created this piece I thought of her! 

So you have here: a jacket w pockets, a belt and a dreamy over sized hood lined with the same fabric. 

Some of the wools are reversible so the colour options look very similar. They are the reverse of each other. When the jacket is open you can see the reversal showing forward. I don't have a photo of every colour available so I have included pictures of the Elvyn Jacket as a way to see the colours. Please feel free to ask any questions. 

+++ To see this as a simple jacket without pockets, hood or belt Click Here

Fit: True to size 

Fabric: Mostly wool

Wash: Wash Cold Delicate. Hang Dry. or Hand Wash Cold. or Dry Clean.