Lovely Kaftan - SALE


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Size Guide

***Please check size chart before placing your order. Our sizing is very different from mainstream stores. Yes, truly!***

This is a deliciously loose and feminine piece. The back and front are reversible. One side dips low and the other not so much. So you can choose if you want to highlight your back or front. Looks great with a bandeau, bralette, fun bra or nothing at all! You might not be used to kaftans but once you try them, they become the most comfortable piece in your closet! They can look  very classy or very casual depending on how you choose to wear them.

Fabric: Bamboo/Cotton/Organic Cotton/Spandex

Fit: Only 2 sizes available - fits many many bodies. If you do not like the idea of having so much fabric on, you can also go down a size. Sometimes a M woman will get a size S because she wants less fabric and to have it a little shorter. There is still a lot of room. 

SMALL - fits XXS-S

MEDIUM - fits M- XXL

Wash: Wash cold. Hang dry. (Garment will shrink a bit the first time in warm water or the dryer.)

***Feel free to ask any questions by email. If there is a style you'd like in a colour or a size that is not listed, please reach out and we will make it for you if possible.***