Waterfall Jumpsuit

Size Guide

A lovely oversized jumpsuit. Yes, it has pockets! This piece is designed with maximum flow and comfort in mind. You will feel the air flow with such wide legs and lots of space to move. Looks amazing with a belt for a more shapely look. Such a versatile piece. The front and back are interchangeable. One side has a deeper plunge neck line. Choose which you'd like to wear forward depending on the event and mood of the day. 

To see a similar design but with a more slim fit around body Click Here

Fabric: bamboo, cotton, organic cotton, spandex

Fit: Very loose...gives room to move around sizes. However the design is made true to size. 

Wash: Wash Cold. Lay flat to dry. Can definitely be put in the dryer but will shrink about a size the first time you do. And the dryer does its thing on clothes...over time the clothing will wear more quickly. Your choice. 

Price note: Please know that there is so much fabric in these pieces that I had to make the prices different between the two weights of fabric.