Dahlia Jumpsuit - Shibori

Size Guide

Dahlia Jumpsuit - Shibori - Black + Rusty Brown - lighter weight / XS Item will be made to order and will be shipped within 2 weeks time.

***Please check size chart before placing your order. Our sizing is very different from mainstream stores. Yes, truly!***

A beautiful piece designed to be more fitted on top and throughout the waist moving into a super flow with the wide legs. The torso length is generous in order to work on many bodies. It feels like you are wearing a luscious dress even though these are pants. This jumpsuit looks great with or without a belt. Super fun for layering. There are two necklines. One side sits as a v-neck shape and the other is more round. Either can be worn forward. 

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There will be variations in colour and pattern as these pieces are hand dyed - always one of kind!

Fabric: bamboo, organic cotton, cotton, spandex

Fit: True to size

Wash: Wash Cold. Lay flat to dry. Can definitely be put in the dryer but will shrink slightly the first time you do. And the dryer does its thing on clothes...over time the clothing will wear more quickly. Your choice. 

Price note: Please know that there is so much fabric in these pieces that I had to make the prices different between the two weights of fabric. 

***Feel free to ask any questions by email. If there is a style you'd like in a colour or a size that is not listed, please reach out and we will make it for you if possible.***