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Priestess and Deer

Medicine Poncho - MEXI - Black + White


Best ponchos! This one is reversible. Looks beautiful on both sides. The seams will show on the outside when you flip it around for a different look. The colour choice indicates the original side. The reverse will be shown in pics too.

Not itchy at all! Inspired by the beautiful ponchos you can find all over Mexico. This piece is great all year round. Looks great over a shirt, dress or even a jacket during colder months. The full cowel neck can be brought up around the face for windy days. 

Fitting: There is only one size and it fits everyone - tried and tested!

FAQ: This style of poncho does have a lot of fabric. If you want something that has a little less fabric to it check out our other Medicine Ponchos here

Keep in mind there are many different Medicine Ponchos. Please see all ponchos for different options.

Fabric: A medium/heavy weight Wool.  

Washing: Wash cold delicate. Lay flat to dry. These pieces will last a lifetime.

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