Monarch Dress

Size Guide

Monarch Dress - Red Rose - lighter weight / XS Item will be made to order and will be shipped within 2 weeks time.

***Please check size chart before placing your order. Our sizing is very different from mainstream stores. Yes, truly!***

Such a beautiful and luscious dress. This can be worn for so many occasions. The very wide sleeves have a beautiful butterfly quality. The slit sits perfectly so you can sit down and not worry about being exposed. The way this dress moves will make you feel like a goddess in motion. I love to pair this with a belt, however it looks divine without one. +++Please note that the waist fits tight to the belly and needs to in order to hold its shape. This is not the kind of dress where you want to go up a size in order to make it loose around the belly. You will be swimming in fabric.

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Fabric: Bamboo, cotton, spandex

Fit: True to size. ***This dress is fitted around the waist. It needs to fit that way in order for it to sit well and look good. This is one of my dresses that does not look better if you go up a size. The top becomes baggy and the dress will hang without any shape. A belt can help this situation. 

Wash: Wash Cold. Lay flat to dry. 

***Feel free to ask any questions through the chat box or by email. If there is a style you'd like in a colour or a size that is not listed, please reach out and we will make it for you if possible.***