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Priestess and Deer

Tent Dress- Bamboo

$59.00 $169.00

Tent Dress - A more classy looking dress designed with a very loose fit and flow. Its sleeves come just above the elbow and the hem lands below the knees. The chest area will be slightly fitted while the body of the dress opens up right from the bust area giving you a lot of room around the belly, hips and legs.Each shibori piece is hand dyed at home and will tell its own story.
Fitting - Please be mindful this is a very loose fitting dress. The arms and chest are built to be fitted with the bodice very loose. If you would like to go down a size, the fabric is stretchy so it will still look great and feel very comfortable.
Fabric - Bamboo/Organic Cotton/Spandex
Wash: Wash cold. Hang to Dry.

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