Triple Moon Tee Dress - onesie! - Shibori - 50% off


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***Please check size chart before placing your order. Our sizing is very different from mainstream stores. Yes, truly!***

This is all one piece! A onesie in a skirt. The shirt is meant to be drape-y and soft. The waistband is fitted allowing you to pull it up or down depending on where you like to put your waistline.

When ordering shibori, please know that these pieces are hand dyed and no two dresses will carry the same dye patterns. 

To see this in Solid Colours: Click Here

We also make this with long sleeves. If you'd like to check it out Click Here.

Fit: True to size with a fitted waist, drape-y shirt and full length skirt.

Fabric: Bamboo, organic cotton, spandex

Wash: Wash Cold. Lay flat to dry. (Shibori pieces have been preshrunk with the hand dyeing process.)

***Feel free to ask any questions by email. If there is a style you'd like in a colour or a size that is not listed, please reach out and we will make it for you if possible.***