When new colours come into your life!


When new colours come into your life? The inner dialogue can be menacing or hilarious depending on your attitude that day. Am I having a mid life crisis? Did I wake up with happy goggles on this morning? Has this been a part of me that I've always suppressed? How many times have I judged this colour for being a blank in my world rainbow visibility? After all of the dialogue finally rushes to its end, you are left with....do i or don't i? And it always comes down to your gut. At least that's after you've tried it on and asked your bestie if the colour makes you look alien to your updated personality. The truth is, my experience of trying new colours always works! I whole heartedly encourage people to try new colours that are calling to them. It is amazing what 1 shade can do for an attitude boost in the right direction. For me, this year, its Aqua. So many people drule over this colour and beg me for more of it. I just had to come around to knowing how luscious it feels on the body before I could share it. And luscious it does. This colour can uplift, transform, get you on a unicorn and put a skip in your sassy step.