Want to invest and become a part of our team? I'm looking for business partners. 

I have been running my business on my own for 12 years. It has been quite a journey. I am finally ready to open my arms to some business partners. I truly believe that the future of business is linked with community. The era of collabration is upon us. I am so passionate about so many parts of my business....and I'm really good at those parts. BUT, I am not so great at the pieces that do not suit me. I am looking for people who want to join me on this adventure.
I am looking for people who are ready to invest in the company who want to profit share and grow this business together.

Do you want to run your own earth based business?
Do you want to create community around women's ethical fashion?
Are you ready to work in a team?
Do you want to create beauty and love in women's lives?
Do you want to mindfully share the priestess culture?

I am looking for:
Operations Business Babe
Marketing Mistress or Master
Production Priestess
Events Angel

Even though I love to get down to business, I also need to have fun while working. So yes, my roll call is playful! And yes, I want people who are ready to work while having a great time doing it.

There is so much possibility here. I am open to those who truly feel the call to join this mission of Priestess + Deer. You do not need to live on Salt Spring Island to make this happen. If you are feeling a massive yes and want to connect more around this, please reach out.