Slow fashion at its best


Feel yourself coming to life as you get dressed in this incredible clothing! We use luscious fabrics made of natural fibres so your body can breathe. We make garments that flatter all shapes and sizes. We are passionate about helping women feel gorgeous everyday. It matters to us that we are inclusive to all women. We are makers of small batch clothing because we love fine craft. We create everything at home on the mystical Salt Spring Island, BC.

Feel the magic. Love the comfort. These are clothes that last. 

You will feel totally taken care of in these garments!

++ Designed to Honour the Goddess you Are and the Earth you Adore ++

The Human journey is heroic

+++ You Are Worthy of All Things Beautiful +++

"It's part of my Spirit work to make clothing that enhances a woman's life. I love to see you feeling fabulous and comfortable in your own skin. It creates more self love and self expression which inspires me to no end." - Empress

THE SHOP on Salt Spring Island

Visit us on the Island

Priestess + Deer resides on the very magical Salt Spring Island.

We're located right beside the vibrant Salt Spring Island Saturday Market, just across from the park. We are in Ganges Alley.

101-149 Fulford Ganges Road,
Salt Spring Island BC

What people are Saying

"Everything from this company is beautiful and so well made. This dress is just stunning. I am blown away. I want to live in these clothes. I immediately ordered two more."

- Jessica Phillips

"I have purchased four dresses from Priestess + Deer. Every one of them is made with attention to detail: the stitching, the seams, the cut of the fabric and - the real standout - beautifully done dye work. If you put on one of these dresses, you will immediately feel like a goddn]ess, a priestess, a mystic: beautiful and empowered (with so little effort). "

- Emily Heming-Powell

"Yay!! I LOVE this dress! It fits perfectly and is so comfortable. The fabric is so high quality and gorgeous! Empress was so sweet and helpful when I made a mistake with my address that I didn't catch before shipment. So thankful for her patience and kindness while I sorted out the issue. I will be back to purchase again. I highly recommend this shop!"

- Melissa Lewis

Weaving Our Web

To be a Priestess.....

A Priestess ia a lover of all things natural and wild. She lives in harmony with the Earth, respects the diversity of life and brings her unique expression of Beauty to the world in service to all. As the old folklore goes....Deer led the Priestess back into the woods to practice her craft whenever she got off track with living her purpose. 

The Craft Revolution

Earthy. Edgy. Elegant. Eco Friendly. Handmade. Hand Dyed. Natural Fibres. Shibori. Magic. Beauty.  We are passionate about handmade clothes as a part of the revolution bringing us back to the natural ways of life and to the craft movement. We specialze in SHIBORI. An age of technique of hand dying. Each piece will carry its own story in the dye. Our clothes are made very intuitively to ensure that you feel totally taken care of in your garments. The Earth is happy about our ethics at P+D. 

Honouring the Feminine

The Goddess comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. It is paramount at P+D that we have an inclusive clothing line for women in all of their incredible forms. The Goddess pictured above is especially important to this company as she is my sister and has been my greatest supporter throughout the entire creation of my company.