Why the name Priestess + Deer ?

As the Old Folklore goes......

Deer would lead a priestess back into the woods to practice her soul craft when she got off track with living her purpose.

We are Slow Fashion + Small Batch Clothing

We are proud to be a part of the revolution bringing us back to the craft movement and the natural ways of life. We care about every step of the process in getting the clothing from imagination, on to your beautiful body.

Our Ethics

It is really important to me that the Earth is considered when I take any action.

We are considered an eco friendly company. Truthfully, it is really tough to be completely Earth-friendly when it comes to making clothes and to meeting the demands of life. I am constantly looking at how I can improve my footprint on this precious planet. I sleep well at night knowing that I have put my best effort forward every day in making sure I am living with integrity.

Natural Fibres

We are passionate about using natural fibres. They help your body to breathe and to regulate energy. We use bamboo, organic cotton, cotton, hemp, silk + wool. In truth, none of these fabrics are completely Earth friendly but their positive ecological factors far out weigh the nasty effects of other "plastic" clothing made of polyester or nylon for example. Imagine wrapping yourself in plastic everyday and asking your body to perform, find ease and to be comfortable. I am doing my best to find better and better solutions. Starting with putting your body in natural fibres in a huge step in the right direction towards better health for both you and the planet.

Dreaming of a Better World

This is a woman owned + run cottage industry business. By supporting small business, you can help tear down the culture of fast fashion companies that create massive amounts of waste and destruction on this Earth. Fashion is a huge contributor to our climate crisis. Have you ever wondered where all of the clothes go that you see stacked upon stacked in big box clothing stores?

We believe in quality over quantity.

We believe in putting energy (money) back into thriving communities who are doing the daily work of making real change towards a sustainble life for all.

Let's help bring back small business, family business + a community oriented world rather than support those who care only for profit rather than the humans + resources which make the profit for them.

++Every dollar you spend is a vote for how you want to see this world function. People have the power. No business can survive without money from the people. So, every time you spend, consider who and what practices or ethics it supports. ++

Small but Big

I use 100% compostable bags when shipping. I reuse all of my hang tags until they are demolished from use(years). All of my marketing material is printed on recycled paper. My bags are made from recycled paper. My point of sale is all paperless. I treat my staff with kindness and compassion even if I have strong work ethic in place. We laugh, we get to know eachother. We share tender moments, real talks and grow our skills together. I give my staff raises every year. I value relationship. I eat 95% organic food and support local farmers first. I only buy honey from local natural bee keepers. I never buy water in plastic bottles. I compost all compostable foods. I recycle. I reuse. I share generously whenever and wherever I can. I adore supporting small businesses and artisans. My local pottery collection is awesome. I dance for freedom and use prayers to feed all of life in order to fuel love.


Priestess + Deer began as a tiny company run by 1 woman only - Paige Faraci aka The Empress. Now there are a few fine helpers with production which makes an enormous difference. All of the clothes are made by hand on Salt Spring Island, B.C. in a beautiful little studio with huge south facing windows. Imagine a priestess at work, surrounded by trees of a rich rainforest where the deer run wild and free. 

Paige's first touch with textiles was through her mother who would teach her of fine artwork. It was always Paige's calling to create clothing. After loving a one month fashion design class in Milan, she continued on to study at KSA where Priestess + Deer was finally birthed.

The first step was to show up at the renowned Salt Spring Saturday Market with her only batch of 10 dresses. Since then she has participated in the market for 11 years, has opened her first small shop in the town of Ganges and continues to grow the company through Pop Up Shops and online shopping. 

Paige continues to run the company, her little shop, create all of the designs and do the shibori herself. She is most excited about growing the culture of the company through her craft.

With respect to all living creatures.

The journey of Priestess + Deer is heavily steeped in a magical journey of creation and in love for this magnificent Earth. The vision of Priestess + Deer goes far beyond clothing. Paige's devotion to her shamanic path informs her work daily.

We consider the Earth in every step of our production.

This is a small company with a big heart. It is our wish that you may feel the blessing put into these clothes and that you will walk with that blessing.