Why The Empress?

Connected to the ancient goddess cultures, the stars and the bull as an ancient symbol of fertility, The Empress is a symbol of so many loves in my life. The most inspiring is her invitation for others to discover more about themselves as a way of falling more in love with life. 

 I adopted the name after a significant experience with the Mother Peace Tarot. The Empress card represents the inspiration, history and magical journey from which this company was born. I do aspire to represent the qualities of the Empress for all of those who are touched by this work - an opportunity for more people to feel their beauty and to be their own expression. 

 My hope is that you will find some garments that will make you come alive in your sensuality, individuality, your comfort, your ease. May these clothes light you up and help you to feel at home as you walk through your day and play through the night.

It is my dream to make you fine clothing and that you will feel totally taken care of in our garments!