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Meet the Empress

Why The Empress? I adopted the name after a significant experience with the Mother Peace Tarot. The Empress card represents the inspiration, history and magical journey from which this company was born. I do aspire to represent the qualities of the Empress for all of those who are touched by this work - an opportunity for more people to feel their beauty and to be their own expression. 

The journey of Priestess + Deer is heavily steeped in the wild nature of creation. It is a part of my medicine offering and a way to be a part of our economy in a way that makes me feel good.

You can be assured that every step of the process in getting these clothes onto your body has been taken into account. It is really important to me that the Earth is considered in all of her parts when I take any action.

Truthfully, it is really tough to be completely Earth-friendly when it comes to making clothes and to meeting the demands of life. Hopefully that will change and the world will find a way to make better fabrics and dyes that people love. However, I do believe that the whole picture of a company is to be considered. I sleep well at night knowing that I have put my best effort forward every day in making sure I am living with integrity.

My hope is that you will find some garments that will make you come alive in your sensuality, individuality, your comfort, your ease. May these clothes light you up and help you to feel at home as you walk through your day and play through the night.

It is my dream to make you fine clothing. That you will feel totally taken care of in our garments! 


As a dedicated artisan who is passionate about practices that support a flourishing Earth, I use natural fibres so that your body can breathe. Everything is made by hand, at home – a healthy challenge to do. My hand dyed shibori makes each piece unique. My clothing is made to feel good, to look great and to last a long time.