Artist Statement


"My greatest compliment time and time again is that my designs look good on everybody and every body! I am passionate about making clothes that enhance a woman’s beauty. A big part of that is making sure she is comfortable in her clothing."

SHIBORI - the Dyeing 

The P+D brand is known for unique hand dyed fabrics. Creator Paige Faraci practices a style called shibori. Shibori is the Japanese word for a variety of ways of embellishing textiles by shaping cloth and securing it before dyeing. "I love this dying process as each piece of clothing is unique and holds a story of its own, just as every woman does. 


Made from the finest Earth-friendly fabrics — bamboo, organic cotton, modal, hemp, silk and wool — Priestess + Deer is committed to using  environmentally friendly natural fibres. Natural fibres allow the body to breathe, to gain energy and to regulate temperature more easily. 

Inclusive Sizing

It's really important to us that all women are able to shop here regardless of size or shape. Our sizing is generous and does not refelct the mainstream ideas of what women's size actually looks like. Infact, we would love to get away from labels such as S, M, L etc. as they carry a lot of weight for a lot of people. For now, we do use the the letter sizing but please do check out our size chart. A lot of women are surprised by what they will fit into with our line. We are doing our best to portary a more balanced way of how we see ourselves. If you do not see your size in our chart, please email directly. We have worked with a lot of different people to make sure they can get something that is perfect for them!


Priestess + Deer garments are inspired by that perfect mix of flow and shape. Design features you will come across are full flowing dresses, deep hoods, great textures and perfect ponchos. Pieces are easy to wear and will go anywhere with you. They are amazing for travel, sunshine, yoga, lazing about, work days and wild nights. 

Fabric Care 

Fabrics will last with the right care.
* Bamboo/cotton: wash cold, hang or lay flat to dry.
* Wool: wash cold, delicate cycle or hand wash; hang or lay flat to dry.
Many of our dresses have elastic straps. To dry, lay flat, or hang upside down to preserve the elasticity.