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Why the name?  As the old folklore goes…… the deer leads the priestess back into the forest to practice her craft when she gets off track with her purpose. 

We are proud to be a part of the REVOLUTION bringing us back to the CRAFT MOVEMENT.

Priestess + Deer began as a tiny company run by 1 woman only - Paige Faraci AKA The Empress. All of the clothes made by hand on Salt Spring Island, B.C. in a beautiful little studio with huge south facing windows. Imagine a priestess at work, surrounded by trees of a rich rainforest where the deer run wild and free. 

Paige showed up at the renowned Salt Spring Saturday Market with her first batch of 10 dresses. Since then she has participated in the market for 6 years, has opened her first small shop in the town of Ganges and continues to grow the company through Pop Up Shops and online shopping. 

The company is still run by Paige however there are a couple of sewers who have been hired to help with production.

Paige continues to run the company, her little shop, create all of the designs and do the shibori herself. She is most excited about growing the culture of the company through her craft. 

The journey of Priestess + Deer is heavily steeped in a magical journey of creation and of a love for the magnificent Earth. The vision of Priestess + Deer goes far beyond clothing. Keep in touch by subscribing to our newsletter to stay tuned in with the Priestess + Deer community. Or take a look at our blog to dive deeper into the culture of this company.