Raven Shawl - Full Length

Size Guide

Raven Shawl - Full Length - Ember - lighter weight / Full Length Item will be made to order and will be shipped within 2 weeks time.

The perfect layer. A luscious piece that imbues you with magic and the feeling of flight. This will become your second skin... as so many of these clothes do. 

You can tie the sides i knots as well to lift it up and to give it a different look with some sculpture.

There Mid Length....Click Here

To see this in shibori colours Click Here

Fit: Very generous. There is a size SMALL - not shown here. Unfortunately we couldn't photograph it. ITs approx 4" more narrow and 8" shorter. It lands below the knee. 

+++We do have this in a shorter length and more narrow width but we were not able to photograph them all. Please leave us a note if you would like the more concise version.+++

Fabric: bamboo, cotton, spandex

Wash: Wash Cold. Lay Flat or hang to dry. Garment will shrink a little in forst warm wash and/or dryer.

***Feel free to ask any questions by email. If there is a style you'd like in a colour or a size that is not listed, please reach out and we will make it for you if possible.***